“The school we envision commits itself to fostering students’ deep understanding in several core disciplines. It encourages students’ use of that knowledge to solve the problems and complete the tasks that they may confront in the wider community.  At the same time, the school seeks to encourage the unique blend of intelligences in each of its students, assessing their development regularly in intelligence-fair ways.”

– Howard Gardner

Child's Place Preschool

Give your child a smart start by bringing out every child’s unique intelligences.

Lower School

Programs for excellence help give the foundation for excellent hands, hearts and minds.

Middle School

Ready to Lead programs help bring out the LEADER in every child.

Upper School

Ready for Life program prepares your child for success!


Child’s Place Preschool

Child’s Place is the preschool department of MIIS that caters to the Preschool Child from 1 ½ to 5 ½ years. In line with the critical formative years of the child, the MI student-centered philosophy of the school ensures the holistic development of the child by providing meaningful relationships with teachers, positive home-school connections, a strong & developmentally appropriate curriculum, and basic respect and love for the individual child.

Priscilla Therese DC Tan

Priscilla Therese DC Tan

Child's Place Preschool Head

Mikhal Aric G. Arroyo

Mikhal Aric G. Arroyo

Lower and Middle School Principal

Lower and Middle School

The MIIS Lower and Middle School Department was founded to continue the traditions of Child’s Place Preschool. It offers programs from Grade 1 (ages 5.6) to Grade 8 (ages 13-14). As the pioneering institution in the Philippines for Multiple Intelligences, the programs and curriculum are sensitive to and supportive of students’ individual differences, diverse needs, learning styles, and the development of their multiple intelligences.

Upper School

The curriculum of the Upper School (Grades 9 -12) is focused on preparing students to be college and life-ready in terms of content for knowledge and understanding, skills for independent study habits, and the attitude for college culture readiness. While aligned with the Philippine Department Education standards for the enhanced K-12 program, the Upper School curriculum also meets international standards.

Dr. Mary Joy Canon Abaquin

Dr. Mary Joy Canon Abaquin

Founding Directress

The MIIS Senior High School Program

Our SHS Program is designed to equip our students with the necessary tools to thrive in the 21st century.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

In line with the school thrust of raising leaders who make a difference, the MIIS STEM program equips students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to create a better tomorrow.

Humanities and Social Sciences

The HUMSS Program is geared towards 21st century leaders who create positive change in their communities through experiential learning and emphasis on leadership skills development. 

General Academic Strand

MIIS offers the General Academic Strand that gives our students foundational skills in various academic fields to enable them to obtain any college degree. 

Accountancy and Business Management

Through partnerships with businesses, internships, and unique projects, students are able to apply their skills in the real world and are empowered to take on challenges in various settings that enable them to become globally competitive 21st century leaders.

International Placements

See where our kids have gone beyond our shores

Local Placements

Our MI Kids Make A Difference as leaders in top local schools.

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