Jeb, MIIS Batch 2012, shares how he pursues his passion during the pandemic, building businesses, and creating new opportunities despite challenges.

Year graduated from MIIS: 2012

Education: Enderun Colleges, 2018, BSBA Marketing

Recent Achievement/Recognition: Top 8 agent Nationwide from Pru Life UK

What are you currently doing? What are you busy with professionally? Are there personal advocacies or interests you are engaged in? 

I am currently a Financial Adviser with Pru Life UK. With the flexibility of the job, I am able to engage in other businesses/professions. I am also involved with a software development company as a business development consultant, free lancer in the Non-Life insurance industry, free lance in sales for an ambulatory service company, and also I am able to do small businesses on the side, being a partner for a food stall franchise and an upcoming home cooked food business.

How are you affected or coping with the pandemic? 

At the beginning, it was a bit tough, but I realized work and everyday life had to continue. Adjusting to the digital way of doing business was not easy, but it was something that I had to adapt to.

What can you say are some learnings, traits or values that you have learned in MIIS that have been useful to you in your school life to relate with people more effectively or succeed in your university? 

Basically, the thing I learned from MI the most, is to just be yourself. You do what you like doing, and keep doing what you have to. MI I guess also has taught me that the ceiling of your potential is in your hands. Dream big, and do what it takes to reach your goals. Never stop at anything because failure is all part of the road to success.

What are your fondest memories of your time at MIIS? 

Apart from all the friends I have made in the MI community, I would have to say that being appointed as the basketball team captain

What is a message you want to give to our MI Community in these challenging times?

“Tuloy-tuloy Lang”. Just keep going, is what I would want to impart to my fellow MI community. We would all have our own struggles, but we just have to get back up another time and keep going. All this will pass, and you will thank yourself for keeping up a fight!

Is there any cause or business you want to share with the community?

Being it my advocacy, I would like to share with everyone, especially the younger generations the importance of being financially literate. This is something that we do not learn in school, but it will surely play a big role in how we craft our future.

What’s next for you?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure. With everything that’s I am juggling around, I guess my ultimate goal is to stabilize all these businesses I am involved in despite them being in different industries. Basically, I will work hard now, and enjoy everything that comes after! It’s just plainly to grow as a person and as my self. Growth in my profession, enhance my skills, widen my network, physical health, mental health, etc. I just take it day by day, and improve from the person I was yesterday.

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