The MIIS Youth Innovation Challenge – held last March 12 to 13, 2021, was a success! The event garnered an attendance of 388 students, with participants hailing from 21 institutions from NCR and Region 2. The delegates were tasked to formulate innovative solutions to real-world challenges, spanning the eight (8) intelligences under the MI Framework popularized by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner. The program was capped off by a virtual awarding ceremony for the challenge winners on YouTube Live.

The Linguistic Intelligence Challenge was won by The Post with their innovation MySource, a Google Chrome extension that rates credibility of an online text. It will flag non-credible sources and link you to articles that
counter its claims. The Logical Mathematical Challenge was won by Mathalino with their innovation Underworks, an e-commerce platform that also promotes brand discovery. The Spatial Challenge was won by SmARTISTS with their innovation The Creative Mart. It is a mobile app where artists can post their artworks and connect with partners and buyers online. The Naturalist Challenge was won by G.I.R.L. Great International Resilient Leaders with their innovation the CommU, a mobile application to improve communication within the community and it can signal individuals for typhoon updates. The Musical Challenge was won by the POWER CHORD GIRLS with their innovation TuklaSining: Tuklasin ang Sining ng Musika para sa masa, a digital platform app for artists, to
gain notoriety in their field by connecting them with fellow artists and clients. The Bodily Kinesthetic Award was won by Team Hope with their innovation HOPE (Health Opportunities for Physical Engagement App), a digital app that aims to help PWDs improve their physical and mental health. The Interpersonal Challenge was won by Ravendor with their innovation WEADOS, a digital app where people canselect a community they would like to build connections in and also promote their own advocacies and ventures.Lastly, the Intrapersonal Challenge was won by Your Local Innovator Team with their innovation Hobby Lobby, an
app that contains evidence-based materials for different hobbies that people can try at home.

The participants were mentored by the following trailblazers and speakers:


Ron Baetiong – Podcast Network Asia
Pierre Curay – Insight Supply Chain Solutions
Jay Jaboneta – Yellow Boat Foundation, Inc.

Challenge Rooms

  • Sarah Torres – Out of the Box Media Literacy Initiative
  • Angelo Mendez – Kumu
  • Alyannah Lagasca – Youth for Mental Health Coalition
  • Katrina Chan – QBO Innovation Hub
  • Stephen and Stanley Seludo – Good Banda Logistics Corp.
  • Akiko Thomson-Guevara – Philippine Olympians Association
  • Ar. Deo Alam – DADA Design
  • Shahab Shabibi – Machine Ventures, Inc.

Students were enthusiastic about YIC 2021. A participant from a private school in Pasig City recounted that “[Our challenge] speaker was very inspirational and my teammates [were] very fun to virtually interact with.” “There are so many talented people my age with brilliant ideas! … I got to talk with my team and we worked together to figure out a solution we could all agree on. There were many struggles and many eureka moments that are worth remembering!”, says another student from an international school.

The Youth Innovation Challenge 2021 was co-presented by Unilever, Dezign Works Philippines, and the Mamba Family, and supported by innovation advocates who share in the belief that the future lies in the hearts and minds of our youth. With your help, you have ensured that the next generation of Filipinos continue the tradition of innovation and collaboration both within and outside of the classroom.