28 students from the Multiple Intelligence International School beat 1,350 entries to make it to the finals.

18 students from the Multiple Intelligence International School Lower, Middle, and Upper School have made it to the final round of the prestigious Trust for Sustainable Living International Schools Essay Competition. 10 students were awarded Honorable Mentions during the competition.

In an announcement by the Trust for Sustainable Living last February 15, 2021, our MI Students were recognized among 1,350 entries from 213 schools from 59 countries all over the world.

The finalists from the Upper School are:

Bufi, Nadine Gabrielle A.
Medez, Josh
Gamboa, Juan Pablo D.
Mejares, Akeisha Mikkel C.
Dizon, Hanna Dominique T.
Garcia, Bianca Gabrielle D.
Mamba, Ina Estelle P.
Perez, Ysabelle Therese T.
Abraham, Emilia Rebekka Yaeli Q.
Leano, Stephanie Ranee G.
Nakpil, Raine S.
Quizon, Mariel Trina F.
Villareal, Yasumi Sapphire
Guevara, Lauren Vittoria

The finalists from the Lower and Middle School are:

Dogelio, Margareth Gail A.
Lo, Chino Mateo A.
Prado, Gabrielle Natalia P.

In addition, the participants given an Honorable Mention were:

De Guzman, Juana Margarita A.
Regalado, Maia Gabrielle L.
Gerbuyos, Neomi Ysabel I.
Sy, Jon Edmund S.
Tizon, Charlize Andrea Y.
Verano, Christian
Upper School
Arago, Misha Danielle E.
Gerbuyos, Madison Reese I.
Hombre, Nathan Raenn M.
Orpilla, Francis Gillean S.
Villamarin, Zophiel Jaune A.
Lower and Middle School

There were a total of 44 participants from the Multiple Intelligence International School, 28 of which won either a spot on the finals, or an honorable mention.

This year’s TSL International Schools Essay Competition went with the theme: Protecting Diversity, asking the question, “How can we protect biological diversity and stop the sixth mass extinction?”.

During such a challenging year, particularly for schools, teachers and students, TSL received a record 1,350 entries in the 2021 International Schools Essay Competition.

Their mentors, Ms. Karen Ramos and Ms. Chiara Abaquin, were also part of 290 Teacher Champions from around the world, that have enabled their students to share their ideas to help protect the Earth’s precious biological diversity.

Students have identified several key issues and causes of biodiversity loss including:

  • Climate change
  • Fossil fuels
  • Deforestation
  • Poaching
  • Overfishing and increased agricultural production
  • Pollution (particularly plastic)
  • Overpopulation
  • Lack of laws or suitable protection

and explored a number of exciting and innovative solutions including:

  • Renewable energies
  • Electric vehicles
  • Reforestation programs and individual tree planting
  • Creation of National Parks
  • Vegan or vegetarian diets
  • Organic food
  • Urban/vertical farming
  • The 3 Rs (Reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • Improved laws and enforcement
  • Increased public awareness (particularly via social media)
  • Improved environmental and sustainability education
  • Habit and mindset changes

The Grand Prize Trophy Winner & Top Ten Medalists will be notified on March 8, 2021.

Congratulations, MI Kids and Teens!

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