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With Our Intelligences, We Make A Difference!

The Multiple Intelligence International School partners with UKEAS Philippines, KOKOS International Philippines, the Japan Embassy, and Fortrust to host Beyond MI 2020: A College Fair and Information Session on Studying Abroad this Wednesday, October 28, 2020, from 2:15PM to 4:30PM, to be held virtually via Zoom.

This event is open to the public. Students will have the opportunity to network with leading international college placement partners. Universities and colleges abroad are looking for students who have the drive and potential to excel in studying abroad.

As a leading international school in the Philippines, MIIS makes sure that its students have the opportunities to engage and explore colleges and universities here and abroad. Beyond MI is an integral part of this goal, where international schools, colleges, and universities from all over the world enter into conversations with MI Students to explore the opportunities open to them.

This year, we open Beyond MI to students all over the Philippines who are interested in studying abroad. Friends, family, and all interested High School students who want to learn about international college education are all invited!


The Multiple Intelligence International School is an international progressive school that advocates for the development of the multiple intelligences of the students. We believe in supporting the development of various strengths in students. For more information, contact Multiple Intelligence International School at +63 2 3433 4949 or through admin@mischool.edu.ph. You may also visit www.mischool.edu.ph/about.