ANNOUNCEMENT: MIIS is implementing our Online Distance Learning Program due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. To see what we are doing to keep our learning community safe, please go to the MI Virtual Hub.

Child’s Place Preschool

Preschool 100 Days

At the Child’s Place Preschool, we celebrate 100 days of learning every school year. 

Literacy Night

We celebrate creativity and storytelling at the Preschool Literacy Night. Together, we celebrate the joy of stories with our kiddos and our parents! 

First Day of SY2021-2022

We continue learning from home at the Preschool! We start the new school year with a bang, as our little tykes and tots get to know each other and their teachers.

Online Learning at the MI Virtual Hub

Learning online has never been more fun at the Multiple Intelligence International School! Take a look at how we accomplish virtual learning for our preschoolers at the Virtual Hub!