The MIIS Virtual Admissions Hub

How to Use This Site

This Virtual Admissions Hub will give you a feel of the culture at the Multiple Intelligence International School. 

Enjoy learning about our preschool programs, international study tours and competitions, traditions as an MI School Community, our guidance programs, and the personal journey a every MI Student undergoes throughout their time at MIIS. 

Child's Place Preschool

Our little tykes and tots at the preschool learn best through playful learning, and socialize through amazing programs aimed at all intelligences under the MI Framework. 

Lower and Middle School

From Grades 1 to 8, our MI Kids begin their growth and learning through  differentiated instruction, and real-world, hands-on learning. 

Upper School

Our MI Teens grow into  smart, ethical, environmental, and global leaders. We offer a wealth of opportunities for each and every one of our teens to grow in their own interests and smarts.